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Cumulative.AI is focused on creating artificial intelligence that combines the cumulative knowledge of humans into interactive data archives.  A massive amount of knowledge is gained by individuals as they go through their lives.  As technology has advanced the number of ways that people can share that information has increased.  We now have growing repositories of information, like Wikipedia and YouTube, where people can share knowledge and information.

Despite advances in online technologies, we do not have a central repository where anyone can contribute information, in any format, on any subject.  One of the reasons is the massive amount of data that would be involved.  If everyone was able to contribute text, photos, videos, and other sources of data to knowledge archives, it would be impossible for humans to organize and manage that growing data.

Data archives that continuously combined the cumulative knowledge of all humans could not be managed by humans.  There would be a constant need to check for duplicate information, filter out mislabeled or misleading information, and figure out how to sort everything into a usable format.  That process would overwhelm human capabilities, as the number of users increased the speed and amount of data being contributed and accessed.

Fortunately, advancements in artificial intelligence have led to the ability of computers to process and manage information much faster than humans.  With the exponential growth in storage space, processing power, and programming sophistication, artificial intelligence has become capable of sorting, organizing, and managing massive amounts of data.  That is the technology behind Cumulative.AI.  We are creating data archives that can capture and organize the cumulative knowledge of humanity and make that knowledge available to everyone for free.
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Cumulative.AI was started by Altruism.AI, which is a platform for launching nonprofits that improve the world through artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence is entering a phase of rapid advancement.  As the field moves forward many new technologies will be created, which will profoundly affect people's lives.  Altruism.AI is focused on the ethical application of artificial intelligence and ensuring that everyone has equal access to the benefits of AI.  For more information, visit Altruism.AI.
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